If I Could Hear Perfectly for Just One Day

August 24, 2018 3:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Written By: Gael Hannan

If I could hear perfectly
For just one day,
I’d ask everyone to whisper
Facing away,
Just to experience, for just one day
The exquisite naturalness
Of hearing perfectly.

If I could hear perfectly
For just one hour,
I’d ask someone to call me
From another room
So I could understand, just this once.
The amazing feat
Of hearing through walls.

If I could hear perfectly
For just one minute,
I’d ask the birds to sing
All at once.
Just to be able, for a glorious moment
To tell them apart,
Bird from bird.

While I can only hear perfectly
For just one moment,
From time to time
Still – I throw thanks to the gods
For the infinite gift and exquisite beauty
of Assisted Hearing all of the time.

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